Works for Christ Christan Center: Healing the Woman Within

2017 Upcoming Events:

HTWW will meet the Second Saturday of every other month at 9:00 AM

  • May 17-20 - Women’s Retreat
  • July 7 & 8 - HTWW Conference
  • This ministry is a ministry for hurting women and was born during a time of adversity. This ministry gives women a sense of peace, togetherness and strength to know that we can continue on in this life.

    Women are taught to unlock their true potential in their lives and be empowered to live the life of their dreams. Women are encouraged to find and know what’s truly important to them and to create a plan of action, and how to meet their goals.

    Women are reminded that God is still faithful and will forgive them regardless of what they are going through and despite any obstacles they face

    Women are taught and trained to be Kingdom Women: